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Conor Ryan is an Associate Professor of Machine Learning in the Department of Computer Science and Information Systems in the University of Limerick and director of the Biocomputing-Developmental Systems group. His research interests are in Genetic Programming , Genetic Algorithms and Grammatical Evolution, and he has been a Science Foundation of Ireland funded Investigator since 2002. He has published over 200 papers in core computer science areas such as Evolutionary Computation, Flash Memory and Automatic Program generation, as well as the application of Machine Learning to domains as varied as Mammography, Autoparallelization, Stock Market Trading, Aphasia (speech therapy), Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and Robotics.

He is also CTO of Software for NVMdurance, a Solid State Disk controller company that extends the endurance of NAND Flash memory. NVMdurance has been on the front of the EETimes (full article) and in Forbes (see full article).

Conor is a Fulbright Scholar and worked in the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) in Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2013.



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Ryan introducted Grammatical Evolution in 1998 along with two of his PhD students, JJ Collins and Mike O'Neill. According to Google Scholar, there are now over 2000 publications related to GE, and it is decribed on Wikipedia.

Currently teaching (Spring 2018):

CS4082 - Introduction to Web Development

CS4014/CS4065/ET4243- Software Development Project/Web Infrastructure/Web & Database Technology 2

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Gamesmaster for The Queens View Affair, one of the longest running games on the web (started in 1995).

The infamous biennial Prediction League, now running since 1994!

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